🎨 Styling

Create a stunning user experience by customizing how the Bugbattle widget looks like.

Remote configuration

With Bugbattle v4 (and later) you can configure colors, preferences & a custom logo remotely with our visual widget configurator.

The widget configuration is located within Bugbattle Dashboard / Project / Widget.


The color represents the primary color used within the Bugbattle widget. Our customers usually use their primary company color as their primary widget color.

Sets the main color (color schema). Default value: #398CFE


Make Bugbattle look more awesome by adding your logo to the Bugbattle widget.

Sets the main logo url within the widget. Defaults to the Bugbattle logo


Hide branding

Hide or show the Bugbattle branding on the bottom of the Bugbattle widget. We love all Bugbattle family members, no matter if you show or hide our branding.

Enable or disable the powered by Bugbattle logo. Default value: true