Getting started

Bugbattle JavaScript SDK Intro

The Bugbattle SDK for WordPress is the easiest way to integrate Bugbattle into your website! Achieve better website quality & ratings with comprehensive in-app bug reporting.

❤️ Demo

🚀 Getting started

For the Plugin to work, you need an API Token. Start your 14-day free trial at to get your API token.


Download the plugin

Download the Bugbattle plugin for Wordpress.

Install the plugin

Install the plugin

Configure the plugin

Configure the plugin for WordPress

The most important part is to add your SDK Token, which you can find within the Bugbattle Dashboard.

Congrats, you are now all set! Report your first bug by using the feedback button.

🤤 Styling

You can add custom styling through overwriting the default css. Simply inspect the needed elements within the developer tools and apply your custom css to your theme.

🤝 Need help?

We are here to help!