Getting started

ReactNative SDK
BugBattle ReactNative SDK

The BugBattle SDK for React Native is the easiest way to integrate BugBattle into your apps!

πŸ”§ Installation

Open a terminal window and navigate to the root.

Install via npm

npm install react-native-bugbattle-sdk --save

iOS installation

Navigate to your iOS project folder within the terminal and update the cocoapods by typing

pod install

πŸ’ͺ Usage

Import the BugBattle SDK by adding the following import inside one of your root components.

import BugBattle from 'react-native-bugbattle-sdk';

In addition, you need to call the initialization function to initialize the Bugbattle SDK. Make sure that the initialization method gets called only once (i.e. by using useEffect).

BugBattle.initialize('YOUR_API_KEY', BugBattle.SHAKE);

Your API key can be found in the project settings within BugBattle. Possible values for the activation method are BugBattle.NONE, BugBattle.SHAKE and BugBattle.SCREENSHOT.

BugBattle.NONE: No automatic activation.

BugBattle.SHAKE: Activation on device shake.

BugBattle.SCREENSHOT: Activation when user performs a screenshot trigger.

🀝 Need help?

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