What's new in v5

We are extremely excited to announce that we just released v4 of our Bugbattle SDK πŸŽ‰. So what's new in v4?

Visual widget configurator

We aimed to make it easier for you to to configure our Bugbattle SDK. With our brand new visual widget configurator, you can configure the Bugbattle widget and it's Feedback Flows visually right in our Dashboard.

Feedback types

Many of you requested more feedback types. As we take your feedback really serious, we worked day & night to bring multiple feedback types to our SDK.

At the moment we support bug reports, ratings (customer experience) & feature requests. In addition you can also trigger your own actions with our new custom actions. More feedback types are yet to come.

Performance & Stability

Great performance & stability makes up the core of our SDKs. With v4 we further improved our SDKs performance & stability. We also did some cleanup regarding our method naming.